HS Social Media Buttons Pro

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Embed the customised Social Media Buttons, like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google Plus, Linkedin, Xing, Tumblr and Pinterest to your Website.

Add Simple Social Buttons to your website and multiply your business with these Social Sharing buttons. This is the best WordPress plugin as it can be customised and placed to the: Left or right side of the page and with customisable top margins. Try to make the best though Social Sharing Buttons, like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google Plus, Xing, Tumblr and Pinterest and display your content to millions with Simple Social Buttons.



  • Social Media buttons like facebook, google plus, twitter, linkedin, pinterest, youtube, flickr, instagram, xing, tumblr.
  • Now You can add “Mail to” and “Link to Your Website” icons.
  • Place it on left or right side of your site.
  • Select Different ‘Effects’ for Social Buttons.
  • User can easily reach to your social media page

Pro Feature

  • You can add unlimited Buttons for your website.
  • You Can Choose your custom image for your social buttons
  • You can select custom background Color for buttons
  • You can set your own color for Text too.


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